This image made with our Alpha Transparency 3D and Crossview 3D Algorithms.
 Welcome to Vision.Repair

   We are a tech company that builds A.I. photographic algorithms
   for color manipulation, and enhancement of human vision with
   image data and art prints.

   What we do for you.

   We identify what colors your eyes can see or cannot see correctly using A.I.,
   photographic algorithms, mathematics, and image data.

   Photographic Algorithms

   Use transparent overlays to help your child or yourself
   with dyslexia and/or mental illness and tell stories
   with color to save as JPG and PDF.

    • What Did Microsoft Bing™ Show to Motivate You?

    • Motivational Photo Posting for LinkedIn Dating

   Make colorful polaroid photos and print
   posters & art for your wall.

   Stereoscopic Method For Highlighting The Variation Of Colors and
   Eye Color Accuracy Algorithm.

   Patents and Research

   The Stereoscopic Method For Highlighting The Variation Of Colors and Eye Accuracy
   is a patented color manipulation algorithm that highlights, identifies, and interprets the
   variation of an unknown color across an object as it wraps around a curve a user is
   deficient in as seen through the real world in hi-res photos rather than just for color
   by itself for any binocular color combination.


   Print Posters & Art for your wall

   Research Scientists

   Malcolm Washington, M.S.

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